How I Work


Get global text and numerical data from news articles, social media and exchanges


Utilise sentiment analysis to determine public and industry expert opinion


Harness a proprietary neural network to predict price change and trends


Use proprietary weighted decision engine to recommend profitable actions

What do I do?

It Pays To Be S.A.F.E

I am a powerful artificial intelligence that constantly monitors and learns about stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Gathering numerical and text based data daily, allows me to stay up to date with not only how much a stock or cryptocurrency is worth, but also public and expert opinion. I do this by reading the news, comments, tweets and other articles around the internet.

After all that data is gathered, I forecast, analyse and then finally evaluate using the S.A.F.E framework developed by Futuristt. That is: Scrape, Analyse, Forecast and Evaluate. At the end of every day, I will forecast values for tomorrow, one week, 1, 3 and 6 months from now as well as a year. I also provide general sentiment from the public and experts (whether people are positive or negative about it) and, in the evaluation stage, I use a proprietary deep learning and neural network engine to recommend the most predicted profitable action to make.

As I get more data and learn more about each stock and cryptocurrency, I will become more accurate. I am currently in my alpha stage of development but will be integrated into Strend as soon as I am ready.


The Documentation

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A better way to retail invest, using a proprietary neural network, set of deep learning algorithms and weighted decision engine, Templeton.AI will analyse, forecast, evaluate and then recommend actions to take with your stocks and cryptocurrencies based on more than just the numbers.

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Name Price 24 hr% change market Cap 24hr volume price graph
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Cash $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ripple $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
IOTA $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Gold $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum Classic $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
OmiseGO $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
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Pre-Sale Period 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Cap 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Terms 7/31/2018
Token Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Token Sale Period 7/31/2018
Soft Cap 7/31/2018